The Orthodontic Practice, Liverpool

The Orthodontic Practice was established on Rodney Street in 1947 by Harold Watkin who was a leading light in orthodontics.

In April 2022 Dr Sujana Chava took over for an exciting new chapter in The Orthodontic Practices history. She continues to build on the practice’s excellent reputation and today it is one of the most highly respected Orthodontic practices in the Liverpool area.

Our history

Why see a specialist orthodontist?

Certain dental procedures require an additional level of understanding and training. These treatments can only be practiced by dentists and orthodontists who are fully qualified to do so.

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Orthodontic Therapists

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Our approach to treatments

One important note to highlight is that your orthodontic treatment is very much a partnership between us and you. We will ensure that you are given the best options for both what we can treat and how best to treat it.

Once treatment begins, we need your help to ensure you maintain your oral hygiene routine; continuing to brush and floss your teeth while wearing braces is essential as plaque and bacteria can quickly build up if food gets caught in your braces. A good oral hygiene routine will help keep this at bay and ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy while we create that great new smile!

News at The Orthodontic Practice

March 24, 2022

The Future is Digital

The Orthodontic Practice have fully embraced all aspects of digital technology to improve patient care, digital scanning equipment has allowed us to move away from traditional dental moulds and gives us a far more accurate impression of patient’s teeth.

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March 22, 2022

Invisalign Treatment Options For Your Child

If you are looking for amazing tooth straightening results which will cause minimal disruption to your child’s lifestyle then Invisalign may be the perfect treatment.

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March 17, 2022

5 Benefits of Straight Teeth

Did you know that having properly aligned or straight teeth provides many more benefits than simply a beautiful smile. We want to share with you 5 great benefits to having straighter teeth.

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Statement of purpose

We promise to:

  • Welcome you into a caring and professional environment.

  • Listen with respect and respond to your concerns.

  • Clearly state the cost of proposed dental treatment in advance and provide a detailed written report.

  • Do our absolute level best to keep to time.

  • Perform our very best standard of dental work for you at all times.

  • Make no charges for appointments changed or cancelled where 24 hours notice has been given.

  • Clearly state the cost of proposed dental treatment in advance and provide a detailed written report.

We appreciate your commitment to:

  • As Orthodontic appointments are usually 5 -10 minutes long it is essential that you arrive in time for your appointments. This will enable us to not keep you waiting.

  • Follow our instructions to care for the work we provide.

  • Attend review and maintenance appointments as advised.

  • Pay for treatment as requested. We accept cash, personal and business cheques and most credit and debit cards. We also offer interest free credit and low cost finance.

  • Talk to us, let us know what you think of what we do: right and wrong.

  • Help our practice grow by recommending us to your family, friends and colleagues.

Practice gallery

Why not take a peek at our practice.

Practice Gallery

Our smile gallery

We are very proud of our dental treatments and would like to share some of work with you. Please click below to see some of the transformations we have given to our very happy patients. It may even  inspire you to take that first step towards your perfect smile

Smile Gallery
Patient reviews

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