Orthodontic aftercare at
The Orthodontic Practice, Liverpool

After completing orthodontic treatment you must follow the instructions of your orthodontist and dentist to keep your new straight smile. In order to care for and enhance your new smile we provide cosmetics and retainers. Let The Orthodontic Practice help you complete the perfect smile that we spent the last few months creating together.


Caring for your smile

Just like before and during your treatment it is vitally important to maintain your dental health and hygiene after treatment is completed. We will advise you on the best tooth brushing technique and give tips on flossing and using inter-dental brushes.

It is also important to maintain your gums. Just brushing your teeth regularly is not always enough, gums are just as important as teeth and there’s a much higher link to dental care and general wellbeing than many people think. We will also provide you with top tips on maintaining healthy gums after treatment is complete.

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At the end of your active orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will provide retainers for you to wear. These are to ensure stability of results after active treatment is completed.

If you do not wear your retainer as recommended, you teeth are likely to drift towards their original positions. If this occurs then the only way to correct them may be to retreat with fixed appliances.

Once your appliance has been removed, Impressions are taken of your teeth in their new position and one of two types of retainers is made.

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